but actually fuck the avenger’s tower

how about the captain america tower? or the captain america reasonably-priced penthouse??

it starts at sam’s house, when they’ve finally managed to corral bucky into coming back. nat is already waiting for them, a peaceful smile on her face like she’s found the secrets of the universe and wouldn’t be sharing with anyone anytime soon.

then puppy pile, for minimum 48 hours

"we really need a bigger place," bucky says, and everyone’s so surprised that it was him who suggested it that there’s no thought of protest

they get an unobtrusive little brownstone in an easily-defensible location. and they get a great price on it bc nat and steve pose as the straight white couple of any landlord’s dream, but SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS POLYGAMOUS BISEXUAL INTERRACIAL COMMUNE MOVING IN

there’s a chore wheel and mandatory therapy for bucky and some actual happiness k

and they fight crime or whatever

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drax discovering that gamora is not, in fact, a sex worker. drax apologizing deeply for calling her “whore.” drax going on to hurriedly explain that on his world, sex workers are revered, highly respected, and trained in multiple martial arts. drax apologizing. he meant no insult and he really is very sorry

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